Novelty Contact Lenses

Looking for scary Halloween costume ideas?  Look no further!  Special effects FX contact lenses are a great addition to your vampire, zombie or werewolf outfit.  SFX lens are sold in two popular brands - Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses.

Theatrical Lenses

Costume contacts are also used in many theatrical productions and films.  Most lenses are available in a non-prescription (plano) and a prescription format.

Halloween Contact Lenses

The Fall is a special time of year when everyone gets excited about getting dressed up and going out at night. Our extensive line of cheap Halloween contact lenses is a great addition to every costume. You'll be sure to be the spookiest ghoul on the block and scare all the trick-or-treaters with your crazy Halloween costume contact lenses. Be the hit at parties and the best dressed too, when you're the only one with contacts for Halloween. The novelty styles are all offered as one-size-fits-all "Halloween non prescription contacts". This is the most popular time of year for Halloween eye contacts, so remember to order early to complete your perfect look.

Costume Contacts

Whether you are dressing up for anything from a party, a convention, or just to play we have the right costume contacts for you. The awesome details in the accessories, like costume contact lenses, turn a good costume into great costume! For the Anime fan, we offer costume contact lenses for famous titles like Bleach, Narruto and Sailor Moon. Our Movie selection has cheap costume contacts for Twilight, Star Wars and Underworld, to name a few. If you're dressing as your favorite TV characters from Angel or Firefly, we have costume lenses for those too. Gamers complete your fantasy look cheap costume contact lenses from Zelda, Warcraft, Final Fantasy, and more. Enjoy these titles as part of our selection of costume contact lenses with no prescription.

Crazy Lenses

Crazy Eyes contacts are designed to get double-takes and make people say Wow! Imagine yourself with snowflakes or daisies in your eyes. It can be real with our selection of crazy lenses. With the wide range of cheap crazy contact lenses available you can literally have diamonds in your eyes, or stars, or the moon. But if you a really crazy and you want everyone to know, show it off in some crazy lenses with flames, teeth, or radiation signs. These crazy contact lenses non prescription are available online or consult your eye care professional for more information.

Novelty Contacts

All black lenses, Glow in the dark, Bloodshot red are all examples of popular novelty lenses. Novelty contact lenses are considered any lens that is worn for fashion esthetic, but not to increase visual capabilities. Create the perfect finishing touches on your costume, or instantly stand out in a crowd with novelty lenses. Cheap novelty contacts are available online in many styles, colors and designs. Prescription novelty contact lenses are available with proper consultation from your eye care provider.

FX Contact Lenses

Just like in the movies, these special fx contact lenses are used to give characters a unique persona. Let your eyes reflect your inner character as cats, zombies, werewolves, vampires and much much more with these lenses. Glow in the dark contact lenses are one of the most popular special effects lenses, perfect for parties and costumes. Cheap fx contact lenses can be ordered on line without a prescription and delivered right to you home. NOTE: Special effects contact lenses are also often refered to SFX contact lenses for short.

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